Wednesday, February 29, 2012

First handmade bound book

Book Binding: Yeah! I finally figured out how to bind a book. I was looking on Etsy today and bought a beautiful handmade bound book (you can look at her other books HERE) and I really wanted to make some of them for myself and see if I can learn how to do it. I found this amazing step-by-step tutorial HERE (or just watch below) on and I was on my way!

What I am kind of really proud of, is I remembered that I had some magnets that were like "locks" (I believe they are Making Memories? If anyone knows, I would like to know so I can by more, so please tell me if you know!) and I really think it makes the book. Thanks so very much for taking a look!

Paper: Chatterbox
Ribbon/pink gems: Prema
Sewing thread: DMC
Metal Hinges: Making Memories (?)

Inside of book, and first page:

Metal "lock" closed and holding the book together:

The metal "lock" open:

The binding of the book. I cut 1 inch strips of the pink backside of the Chatter box paper and added them to the back of the pages so there wouldn't be any white:

Side view:  

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